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Wente Vineyards Criterium - 04.25.10

posted Apr 26, 2010, 10:25 AM by Tyler Wertenbruch
Paul and I showed the colors in the Wente P12 crit up in Livermore yesterday afternoon. It was a fantastic day with no major winds to speak of and lots of sun. The course is a 4 corner wide crit with lots of bots dots and a chicane between corners 3 and 4. The width of the course and the bots dots make for the group moving side to side snaking all over the place. Knowing this I made every attempt to spend all the energy I could moving forward and as close to the front as possible. We started with 120 guys and within 10 minutes my position choice worked out well as about half the field went down or was postponed due to a crash after the 3rd turn. From them on it was a again about position and see where you end up. Both Paul and I made a few moves, stayed in the upper part of the splits and for the most part were out of trouble. With 6 laps to go it became a real crap shoot as to where you were going to end up. I found my self on every other lap going from top 20 to 50th in a blink of an eye. With how wide the course was it allowed for new lines to come from behind and change the front of the race. With that happening it is very hard for any team to take complete control and so it turned into how much luck you had coming into the last two laps. Both Paul and I finished mid pack somewhere and stayed safe. It was actually a pretty fun race and was safe considering how many crashes had there were throughout the rest of the day. Looking forward to next weekend, whatever we head off to.