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Surf City Cyclo-X 2 & 3 10.31.09 - 11.1.09

posted Nov 2, 2009, 7:38 PM by Tyler Wertenbruch
Ryan and I meet up with Barrett at the Watsonville County Fairgrounds this weekend for 2 days of cross racing. The Bella's put on Saturday's race, and came up with a fantastic course for Halloween. The course was made for big power with a lot of long straight wide open sections, but had an equal amount of technical stuff as well. My 10am B's race started way hard as usual and by the third lap I had made up my mind that I did not want to hurt anymore. I did not go to the big ring again for the rest of the race, which was very nice on the legs, but not so good on the finish. I went from a top 15 finish to 28th but was able to smile and enjoy the fun the course had to offer. They placed a swirl into the course that wrapped in on itself 3 times and then back out. It was almost one continuous corner for almost a minute. Way fun.
We then moved onto the best race of the day. The costume race. I thought Barrett and I had a pretty sweet setup of Peter Pan (Barrett) and a Pirate (me). I was wrong. Our costumes were fantastic with the helmets integrated into the costume and shoe covers so we could still clip in, but there was some amazing creativity put forth for this race. We finished the day with some awesome Women's and Men's A's fields which was motivating for the race on Sunday.
Sundays course was changed around a bit, which suited me a little more. Less big flat sections, a few more off the bike sections and the same technical points made for way more fun and allowed me to keep the focus on the hurt. We started with a few less riders than Saturday but it was still a blast off start and 6 laps of pain. I notched into 11th and pretty much stayed there the rest of the race. Cross racing is a really fun scene and is very addictive. It is big hurt for a short period of time, heckling is totally welcome/encouraged, and for some they can do it in drag without  any dirty looks. I cannot wait for the 15th so we can have our own little batch of cross in SLO.