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Pine Flat Road Race and Dinuba Crit - 2.14-15.10

posted Feb 17, 2010, 9:34 AM by Tyler Wertenbruch   [ updated Feb 17, 2010, 9:37 AM ]
The Pine Flat Cat 5 road race started early saturday morning in the cool air of the Sierras.  The field kept a slow pace for the first 20 mile out and back section in anticipation of the 62 mile race ending in a large set of hills.  At about mile 12 everyone agreed to take a neutralized pee stop organized by a mentor rider along with us.  When everyone pulled off into a turn out a group of 4 or 5 riders saw their chance and went for a break.  No one was too worried by this newbie move but it did finally get some pace lining going in the pack.  The pack caught up with the pee break away in about 8 miles and we all kept up the pace lining through the flats all the way up to start of the hills at around mile 52.  At the first set of hills I kept my gearing and got out of my saddle.  This put me unexpectedly off the front so I decided to keep the pace.  I soloed up the first hill section and ramped up my speed to stay off the front for the long descent before the final hill.  I managed to stay off the front for the descent and through the flats afterwards until one kilometer to go.  I looked back and saw one rider bridging up to me.  I put in more effort up the final climb but blew up and was passed by the bridging rider with about 200 meters to go.  We were far from anyone else so I came in for a 2nd place.

The Dinuba Crit was on a short technical course.  The course ran clockwise with both right and left hand turns to create a S-turn section through the streets.  The streets were rough with many dirty corners, a cobblestone section, and one very deep drainage gutter to ride through on a straightaway.  The cat 4/5 race was pretty fast and sketchy with all the turns.  I kept near the front for the most part to keep out of the fray in the back but avoided pulling.  There were many breaks with one or two riders but they were all brought back on the flat course.  At 2 laps to go the pack brought back the latest break of two riders and I set myself up on about the 5th wheel for the final lap.  It came down to a field sprint through the drainage dip to the finish and I spun in with my down tube shifters to a 2nd place finish.

Looking forward to more races for Nexus and I just put in for a 4's upgrade even though I don't have 10 races yet.  Got my fingers crossed!
Brendan Dwyer