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Pine Flat Road Race - 2.14.10

posted Feb 17, 2010, 9:37 AM by Tyler Wertenbruch

Pine Flat Road Race was 65 miles of racing with several rollers and one monster hill climb around mile 55. It was another sunny, warm day at 7:45am when Brendan Dwyer rolled up to the start with a hand-me-down Nexus speed suit from Blake Anton, gels and shot bloks stuffed in his shorts riding a CAAD 2 with down-tube shifting.

10 miles into the race nothing was happening. I struck up a conversation with two riders ahead of me who needed a pee break and suggested we use each other to catch back on to the group. Four, then five, then six hands were raised all in favor of stopping. So the group coasted to a stop, took care of business and we continued our race.

Brendan and I road conservatively up until the base of the big climb with nothing really happening. At the base of the climb Brendan attacked hard and I sat at the front of the group and blocked. Three riders finally figured out what was going on and attacked about half-way up the hill. I was deep in the hurt zone at this point as were reached the top and I just held on for dear life. Everyone else in the pack was dropped. As we crested the hill there was no sign of Brendan. His glorious solo attack was pretty amazing and I was almost sure it was going to be impossible for the other three riders to work together to catch on the flat section before the hill climb finish.  But, with 2 or 3 miles to go one of the riders jumped hard and the three of us tried to chase, but I had nothing left and neither did the other guys.  Brendan, speed suit and all, road 10 miles solo: the monster hill climb and the flat section. Wow. Unfortunately, with  200 meters to the finish Brendan got caught getting 2nd. I wasn’t going to contest the other two riders so they pulled me to the line in 5th place.  Major props to Brendan.