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Island View Classic - 3.6.10

posted Mar 8, 2010, 8:35 AM by Tyler Wertenbruch
It was my second race of the day after doing the Men's A collegiate race. The race was pretty fast and rained on and off which provided for a pretty sketchy race. The field size was about 60 with a TON of Specialized master riders. Lots of breaks came and went, some would stick for 5-10 laps but eventually got brought back. There was a break of 7 that ended up going clear with 10 laps or so to go and would stay off until the end. As the final sprint began to wind up I started moving forward and with one and half laps to go I was stuck 3rd wheel when we almost came to a halt because no one wanted to pull. A huge group of riders shot up the left side and I muscled my way into about 5th wheel. The pace was very fast with 3 of the Specialized masters doing a nice leadout for each other. (Of course it started raining HARD on the last lap) Going into the final turn I was 3rd wheel with two of the Specialized guys gaining a little gap on me through the turn because I didn't feel like sliding out in the last turn. I kicked it hard coming out of the corner to try bridge the gap to the two guys and punched it again hard with 200 meters or so to go and ended up coming around the two specialized guys and winning the field sprint by 3 to 5 bike lengths over the rest of the field. 

Now if only that break hadn't been up the road... 8th place for now. 

Blake Anton