Benefits of Membership - Team support for just about any event you can dream up that will benefit our bicycle culture in the greater San Luis Obispo area. Have an idea? Bring it to the team and together we can make it happen!

The ability to communicate with 150+ cyclists simply by posting messages to our members-only email listserve. Ride postings, events and other info all become available to you in a secure and monitored list. To join the listserve click here. To also join the women's listserve click here.

SLO Nexus Clothing - Every year we do a clothing order to get you into a great looking, comfertable kit. We also have Nexus socks and T's. Support our sponsors and the rest of the team by sporting it on local roads and trails and around town. Click here for more info.

Responsibilities as a Member - Volunteer three (3) times a year for bike-related service. For example, you might park bikes with the friendly folks at the Farmer's Market Bike Valet and then do some trail work with the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) on some of the miles of trail in the area. Finally, you could help out with the SLO Criterium Festival. The volunteer options in town are super fun chances to help out and will keep coming back for more!

Team SLO Nexus offers a different kind of bike club for Central Coast cyclists. Like other groups in town, we promote commuting and group rides; we advocate the love and safety of bikes in our community; we also encourage members to participate in racing, if you so desire. However, unlike other bike groups that focus just on racing or just on touring, SLO Nexus brings together all these interests in one group.

Our members ride cruisers, road bikes, single speeds, mountain bikes, cross bikes, and recumbents. Whether you race or cruise, we want you to ride more, ride better, and enjoy the ride. The team has no director for a reason--if you want something to happen, make it happen.

SLO Nexus Mission

To exemplify the values of teamwork and mutual support in amateur cycling.

To foster the continued education, development, and support of new and experienced competitive cyclists.

To align with established advocacy organizations to promote the benefits of cycling to the broader community, both as a sport and as a viable and practical means of transportation.