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December 2009 - SLO Nexus is proud to present our first women's team. This is a team made up of women who are passionate about competitive cycling and about developing new skills, abilities, and experiences as a team! See our news page for more info.
November 2009 - In colaboration with cencalcycling.com and Team Rambuski Law, Nexus pulled together "Dog Gone Cross Race". The racing was fast and intense on a perfect November day in SLO. Thanks to all the sponsors, riders and the city of SLO for the use of Laguan lake park for a great event. For information and pictures visit cencalcycling.com. Thanks Shaba and Nimble Creative for another fantastic event. 
November 2009 - SLO Nexus supported the 18th Annual Walk for Life put on by the Aids Support Network and Woods Humane Society. SLO Nexus supported the event with a donation as well as team members leading walk towards downtown before heading off on a training ride. See our news page for pictures.
October 2009 - CYCLEbration - Celebrate all things bike in SLO County at CYCLEbration October 18th, 1 - 4pm at our sponsor Central Coast Brewing. This event is a colaboration between SLO Nexus, the SLO County Bicycle Coalition, and Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB).

October 2009 - Bike Valet - The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Coalition has taken the valet to new heights, parking the 15,000th bike this month. 

July 2009 - C4 Classic - Nimble Creative, the folks behind cencalcycling.com, once again put on a fantastic weekend of racing in SLO. With Nexus volunteers, sponsorship, and a number of competitors, both days of racing turned out to be a fabulous 4th of July weekend.

June 2009 - AIDS Lifecycle - SLO Nexus volunteers helped to set up and man the lunch stop for the mass of riders participating in the AIDS Lifecycle ride as it passed through SLO County.  

January 2009 - Tally Vine Cross - Nimble Creative, the folks behind cencalcycling.com, once again put on a fantastic weekend of racing in SLO County. With Nexus volunteers and a number of competitors, it made for a fantastic Sunday of cyclecross. 

November 2008 - CYCLEbration - SLO Nexus, cencalcycling.com and CCB put on the first ever SLO CYCLEbration as a way to thank our members and sponsors, and to celebrate cycling for 2008.

June 2008 - Central Coast Cycling Classic - Nimble Creative, the folks behind cencalcycling.com, once again put on a fantastic weekend of racing in SLO. With Nexus volunteers, sponsorship, and a number of competitors, this June Sunday in San Luis Obispo made for a wonderful day of bike racing.

February 2007 - Bike Valet - The San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition and SLO Nexus have provided a consistent bike valet service for shoppers at Farmer’s Market in SLO every Thursday night since May 2006. We parked our 1,000th bike Feb 1, 2007. 

June 2006 - Amatuer bicycle racing was brought back to San Luis Obispo Sunday, June 4th. SLO Roots Promotions with the help of SLO Nexus hosted a fantastic race to start a new era of cycling in SLO County. Visit cencalcycling.com for more info.

May 2006 - Weekly Bike Valet at Farmers Market. Team SLO Nexus and the Bicycle Coalition of San Luis Obispo County ran the first of a string of "Bicycle Valets" that occur every Thursday evening at the San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market. The free service allows local cyclists to drop off their bicycle in a safe location without having to lock them up. The bicycles can be left from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. With May being bike month and San Luis Obispo's Bike week coming up May 14-20, the valet reinforces the bike week theme of "Bikes in Bloom."

February 2006 - Nexus Parks 300+ bikes downtown for Tour of California. Team SLO Nexus hits the ground spinning in San Luis Obispo, managing the official bike valet for the Amgen Tour of California's Stage 4 Finish. SLO Nexus will be a key player in this year's Tour of California, where they will donate team volunteers and management of the official stage finish bike valet area on Morro Street between Monterey and Palm. Charged with creating, setting up, and manning the area, SLO Nexus will be providing the city with a much-needed space for all cyclists commuting in on their bikes from all around the town. SLO Nexus encourages all spectators to arrive at the finish line area by bike, and help mitigate the large amounts of automobile traffic and congestion in the Downtown vicinity.

January 2006 - Introducing Team SLO Nexus. There's a serious buzz about bikes in San Luis Obispo these days. The new cycling and racing team inspiring all this excitement—Team SLO Nexus—brings together people who love to ride bikes, race bikes, and promote bike riding in our community. Our fresh outlook on the local bike scene incorporates support, fun, education, and fitness and is designed to bring together the growing number of cycle-centric athletes within our county.

Our mission includes providing support to local advocacy organizations that promote the benefits of cycling, especially as a viable means of transportation. We are focusing on local businesses in our sponsorship endeavors because we want to help strengthen and promote our local small-business community, which is so diverse and full of personality, just like each SLO Nexus member.

Our members have a passion to share the cycling experience with others and the desire to cultivate it within themselves. Team SLO Nexus is a timely convergence. The idea for SLO Nexus was born during a normal Saturday morning road ride. Cruising south on Highway 1, a few friends decided we needed a local team/club that would encourage us to spend more time with our bikes as well as tp get stronger, meet other bike-minded folks, and maybe do a little racing. We are truly a nexus of bike enthusiasts of every flavor, including road, mountain, single speed, recreational, commuting, racing, and every kind of riding in between. We are serious about providing a venue for accomplishment, camaraderie, and continual learning for every cycling level—whether one is a focused racer or a recreational weekend rider.