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USA Cycling Club #11146

SLO Nexus brings together people who love to ride bikes, race bikes, and promote bike riding in our community. Our fresh outlook on the local bike scene incorporates support, fun, education, and fitness and is designed to bring together the growing number of cycle-centric athletes within San Luis Obispo County.

We are serious about providing a venue for accomplishment, camaraderie, and continual learning for every cyclist's level-whether one is a focused racer or a recreational weekend rider. Our mission includes providing support to local advocacy organizations that promote the benefits of cycling, especially as a viable means of transportation. We focus on local businesses in our sponsorship endeavors to help strengthen and promote our local small business community, which are diverse and full of personality, just like each SLO Nexus member.

SLO Nexus Mission

To exemplify the values of teamwork and mutual support in amateur cycling.

To foster the continued education, development, and support of new and experienced competitive cyclists.

To align with established advocacy organizations to promote the benefits of cycling to the broader community, both as a sport and as a viable and practical means of transportation.

Making it Happen:

While SLO Nexus does not have an official “team director,” we do have a group of dedicated individuals who come together to make things happen with and for the team.

Of course, anyone can make things happen with the team. Simply identify a bike-related need in the community (fun or serious? cruising or racing?), put your idea out to the group, and chances are there are lots of Nexus members who can help make real plans to fill that need. If you have an idea and want to work with others to make it happen, let us know through our listserve. Click here to join.

We’re open to suggestions for how to make team functioning more seamless, efficient, creative, and effective. You can click here to see there are a number of different, informal roles within the team. Do you see a role that ou would like to assist with? Can you think of other roles that might enhance the team? If so, then pick up that ball and keep the momentum moving forward. We want to empower our members to take ownership in thi team through leadership. 

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